Repolishing & Refinishing

Original Finishes Reproduced – Surface Blemishes Banished


The Quality Finishes of good “shop-bought”

furniture needs professional equipment,

professional materials, and a

professional craftsman.

Why settle for less?


Modern & Contemporary Furniture Refinishing


Back to bare wood

Starting again allows minor blemishes to be sanded out and more serious defects to be disguised prior to, or even within the finishing processes.

Colours, tones, textures, and sheens can be replicated or changed as desired. And because everything from the fresh bare wood upwards is new, your furniture really can look “As New” again.

Improving on the original

Often the original finish can be rather poor, or has become that way over time, both in appearance and durability.

Happily, a new, visually superior refinish will also provide improved durability to meet the FIRA 6250 standards for horizontal surfaces in general or severe use as needed.



“Over-Polishing” the existing

There are times when removing the existing finished surface may not be desirable and “Over-Polishing” may be the preferred option. This is what Antique Restorers prefer to do where desirable “Patina” needs to be preserved.

But with modern lacquers as used on non-Antique furniture from the 1920’s onwards, this needs to be handled quite differently. Fading can be re-coloured without the need for stripping with spray toning and shading. Patina can very surprisingly well recreated, or faked as it were when needed.  And minor defects and general wear can be restored to look much improved within the “Over Polishing” process.

Before – During – After

Italian Music Tables
Italian Music Tables
Italian Music Tables
Italian Music Tables (set of 6).


Before – During – After.

Piano Lid Before
Back to Bare Wood
Piano Lid After
Refinishing a Piano Lid

Before – During – After

Lloyd Loom before
Lloyd Loom chair during
Lloyd Loom chair finished
Refinishing Lloyd Loom Chairs.

Reproduction, modern, Contemporary, Mid-Century & Danish

Furniture Repolishing & Refinishing

Repolished Guitar
Pair of Round Side Tables
Ash Table
Banishing a mark
Vic style Repro Table
Table top back to bare wood
Repro Cabinets Modernised
G-Plan Table and Chairs
6 piece oak table
Teak IG Table
Swivel Chair
G-Plan chairs
Milky Oak
Oak extending table
Pair of Far East Tables

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Distressed Oak

Distressed Oak

In a popular mellow sheen lacquer