Repolishing & Refinishing

Original Finishes Reproduced – Surface Blemishes Banished

Modern & Contemporary Furniture Refinishing

The “Ideal” Approach

Before – During – After

Severely water-damaged table.

The “Ideal” Approach

Before – After.

Spray Painted Dresser
Spray Painted Dresser
Full paint & lacquer refurb.

The “Ideal” Approach

Before – After.

Kidney Table 2
Kidney Table 3

The “Ideal” Approach

Before – After

DIY finish replaced with professional finish.

How it’s done.

The Ideal


It’s back to bare wood

Starting again allows smaller blemishes to be sanded out and more serious defects to be disguised within the finishing processes.

And by reproducing the original finish, with the original methods and materials, your furniture really can be “As New” again.

Improving on the original

Sometimes the original finish can be rather poor, both in appearance and durability.

Happily, there is no reason why an improved or superior finish cannot be achieved on even the most modest item of furniture.


The Alternative


It’s “over polishing” the existing

There are times when removing the existing finished surface may not be desirable and “Over-Polishing” may be the prefered option.

Fading can be re-coloured without the need for stripping and minor defects or general wear can be restored to look much improved within the “Over Polishing” process.

"Oh my goodness!! I’m sitting here speechless and open mouthed!! I never expected them to look this amazing!!! I can’t believe you’ve been able to make them look like this. Thank you so much! So, so pleased! Thank you again. Wonderful work!"

– Michael

(verification ref:- Email 27th May 2021)

G-Plan Table & Chairs He said he could make them look like new, but I didn't think he would achieve that degree of success. I was amazed when I saw the finished product, returned after just over a week. I am absolutely delighted. It really does look like a new table and chairs.

Linda from Crowborough

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Furniture Brands frequently Restored & Refinished


Laura Ashley, Barker & Stonehouse, Cotswold Company,  Wesley Barrell, Dwell, Habitat, New Heights, John Lewis, Loaf, M & S,, Next, Oak Furnitureland, Oak World,  Wharfside, & more…

British Brands

A H McIntosh, Bradley, Brights of Nettlebed, Ducal, Ercol, G-Plan, GT Rackstraw, Hille, Jaycee, Lloyd Loom, Morris, Meredew, Nathan, Reprodux, Restall, Brown & Clennell, William Tillman, Titchmarsh & Goodwin, & more…

Designer Brands

Niels Eilersen, Frederica, E. Gomme, Carl Hansen, Fritz Hansen, A J  Iversen, Morgens Koch, Jacob Kjaer, Christian Linneberg, Hans Olsen, Frem Rojle, Skovby, Hugo Troeds & more…

Reproduction, modern, Contemporary, Mid-Century & Danish

Furniture Repolishing & Refinishing

Repolished Guitar
Pair of Round Side Tables
Ash Table

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Distressed Oak

Distressed Oak

In a popular mellow sheen lacquer