Repairing & Restoring

For a More Complete Transformation & Revitalisation.


There is often only one chance to do a job

right and if that chance is missed, or

messed up, anything that follows

is likely to be a compromise

on what could have been.


Modern & Contemporary Furniture Restoration

A Perfect Repair

1. Broken chair back rejointed
2. Sanded and masked up
3. As good as new.

Restoring a Chess Table

Marketry repaired and repolished.

Full rebuild of Thonet Chair

Thonet Chair Before
Thonet Chair During
Thonet Chair Finished

Walnut Oval Table

Walnut Table in dire state 1
Walnut Table in dire state 9
Bleached, repaired and repolished.

Rebuilt and Refinished Chair

Rebuilt Chair

Restoring a Tatty Tardis

Colour-matched to original paint.

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Oka Table Before & After