Furniture Restoration
Tunbridge Wells

New & Non-Antique Furniture
Restored to Perfection.

Furniture Restoration
Tunbridge Wells

New & Non-Antique Furniture Restored to Perfection.






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 By Gavin Mason FRSA. Conservator-Restorer


Modern, Contemporary, mid-century, Arts & Crafts, reproduction, and other good furniture.

Furniture Restoration Tunbridge Wells. By non-antique furniture, I mean post 1920s. By high-quality, I mean well-built, possibly limited edition, from a credible and respected brand. And by specialist, I mean a level of skill in working with non-antique furniture which is extremely rare to find.

Let me explain.

Just like you find in most industries, craftspeople will have their own niche specialties. And furniture restoration is no different. The reason this is so important is that work done to furniture without the correct training, experience, materials, and tools is likely to devalue your item, rather than increase it. And as someone who has spent a career in furniture making and restoration, I know that’s the last thing anyone wants.

What I want, and what I deliver, is furniture restored not just correctly, but to the highest possible level of perfection. My workmanship has been honed over a career in furniture at the highest level; training in non-antique furniture restoration, working with high-end world class furniture and department stores, running my own workshops and businesses, and consulting for others.

It’s an understatement to say that your beloved furniture is safe in my hands. In my hands it will be restored to its former glory or transformed into the creation of your dreams.

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Myths & FAQ's

“How do you make furniture look "As New" again?”

There are now ways of "going back to bare wood" without chemical stripper. There are also ways of removing a fraction of a millimetre of the wood, without using scratching sandpaper, so as to reveal the clean new wood below. It is then a matter of refinishing the furniture with the same processes and materials as when it was first produced.

“Antique / Non-Antique. Is there some fundamental difference that matters?"

Yes, there is. A fundamental change to place about 100 years ago. Let me explain.

It was the Ford Motor Company who first developed and perfected the spray application of Cellulose Paint, so when Henry Ford's Model T entered production in 1908 it was the first spray painted production car in the world.

During the 1910 to 1920 period, Furniture Manufacturers discontinued traditional French polishing with shellac in favour or more versatile and durable, spray applied Cellulose Lacquers. But because these lacquers could then be "worked" by hand with a rubber in a "French Polishing manner" to look visually identical, the general public were largely unaware of this transition.

Being always fond of a good analogy, to expect and Antique Restorer, trained in brush and hand applied shellac French Polishing, to cope with today's spray allied lacquers, without re-training and investing in spray shop equipment, is akin to asking a Painter & Decorator to re-paint your car, for instance! A mistake to be avoided.

If you’re not sure about the finish of your furniture from the 1910 to 1920 period, I can help. Precise dating of a piece is not always easy, and it takes an expert eye to tell cellulose from shellac.

“is it worth it? Or should I just buy something new"?

For the planet, most certainly.

For good quality, brand named, collectable, desirable furniture - once transformed into one of the finest examples of its kind in existance today, most certainly.

For table tops that can be make "As New" and be virtually maintenance free for a generation or two, certainly.

For sentimental or inherited furniture, that may be nothing special in itself, you must be the judge of that. Often a piece can be dramatically transformed whilst still preserving those special memories. And it is rare that an estimate for such a project is turned down I find.

For cheaply made, imported furniture that's destined to fall to bits within a generation, probably not.

“I’m wondering whether to have a bash at fixing my furniture myself”.

In my experience, with a quality piece of furniture, this will at best result in a third rate DIY job that will devalue the piece, and at worst write off the piece. The middle ground here being a trip to a restorer after you've messed with it and a bill much higher than had you just left it alone.

It’s no reflection on you, but a YouTube tutorial from a self-taught beardy American will never be a substitute for professional materials (not available to the public) a fully equipped workshop/sprayshop, the best tools and equipment money can buy, knowledge of the manufacturer's "recipes", years of training, and a lifetime's experience.

So before you go down that road, I would recommend a free appraisal at the very least.

“I don’t know whether my furniture can or should be restored”.

As an expert, you can let me be the judge. I can successfully tackle challenging restorations with fantastic results, but I’ll be honest if I don’t think it’s the right approach or investment for your specific item.

I have no interest in doing work that I would not be proud to attach my label to, or in doing anything that is not in my cusomer's best interests.

“Do I have to bring my furniture to you or can you collect?”.

If you would like to save a bit of money and bring pieces in and collect again then by all means do, by prior arrangement of course. But 9 times out of 10 I collect and deliver, with either a 1-man or 2-man service as agreed with you.

This provides the opportunity for me to see your home and discuss the finer detail of the work I will be undertaking for you.


Craftsmanship, Expertise & Advice

Furniture Restoration Tunbridge Wells - Built in Tables
Furniture Restoration Tunbridge Wells - Resprayed Lloyd Loom Chair
Furniture Restoration Tunbridge Wells - Ash Table
Furniture Restoration Tunbridge Wells - White Sprayed Cabinet 1
Furniture Restoration Tunbridge Wells - Mansion House Dining Room Chairs
Furniture Restoration Tunbridge Wells - Hamsell Stairs
Furniture Restoration Tunbridge Wells - Resprayed Tardis
Furniture Restoration Tunbridge Wells - Green Oak  Loo Seat
Furniture Restoration Tunbridge Wells - Whickered Chairs
Furniture Restoration Tunbridge Wells - Adamson Oak Table
Furniture Restoration Tunbridge Wells - Whickered Chairs
Chess Table Top 1
Maple Boardroom Table
14 Mahogany Secondary Staircase
Display Cabinet
Furniture Restoration Tunbridge Wells - Complex Oak Stairs
Ash and Mahogany Doors
Beech Worktop
Danish White Chair
Furniture Restoration Tunbridge Wells - Pink-Kitchen
Coffee Table Base 1

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