Furniture Restoration

New & Non-Antique Furniture Restored to Perfection.

Furniture Restoration

New & Non-Antique Furniture Restored to Perfection.






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Refinishing, Repolishing & Furniture Restoration Sussex.

By Gavin Mason FRSA. Conservator-Restorer


Modern, Contemporary, mid-century, Arts & Crafts, reproduction, and other good furniture.

Furniture Restoration Sussex. By non-antique furniture, I mean post 1920s. By high-quality, I mean well-built, possibly limited edition, from a credible and respected brand. And by specialist, I mean a level of skill in working with non-antique furniture which is extremely rare to find.

Let me explain.

Just like you find in most industries, craftspeople will have their own niche specialties. And furniture restoration is no different. The reason this is so important is that work done to furniture without the correct training, experience, materials, and tools is likely to devalue your item, rather than increase it. And as someone who has spent a career in furniture making and restoration, I know that’s the last thing anyone wants.

What I want, and what I deliver, is furniture restored not just correctly, but to the highest possible level of perfection. My workmanship has been honed over a career in furniture at the highest level; training in non-antique furniture restoration, working with high-end world class furniture and department stores, running my own workshops and businesses, and consulting for others.

It’s an understatement to say that your beloved furniture is safe in my hands. In my hands it will be restored to its former glory or transformed into the creation of your dreams.

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Craftsmanship, Expertise & Advice

Furniture Restoration Sussex - Built in Tables
Furniture Restoration Sussex - Resprayed Lloyd Loom Chair
Furniture Restoration Sussex - Ash Table
Furniture Restoration Sussex - White Sprayed Cabinet 1
Furniture Restoration Sussex - Mansion House Dining Room Chairs
Furniture Restoration Sussex - Hamsell Stairs
Furniture Restoration Sussex - Resprayed Tardis
Furniture Restoration Sussex - Green Oak  Loo Seat
Furniture Restoration Sussex - Whickered Chairs
Furniture Restoration Sussex - Adamson Oak Table
Furniture Restoration Sussex - Whickered Chairs
Chess Table Top 1
Maple Boardroom Table
14 Mahogany Secondary Staircase
Display Cabinet
Furniture Restoration Tunbridge Wells - Complex Oak Stairs
Ash and Mahogany Doors
Beech Worktop
Danish White Chair
Furniture Restoration Tunbridge Wells - Pink-Kitchen
Coffee Table Base 1

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