Advising & Resolving 

Your “Professional Friend”

Consulting, Reporting & Negotiating on your behalf

Having an Expert in your corner can make all the difference when conflict arises

Or perhaps you just need reassurance over a purchase you’ve made or are considering.


Know where you stand

In dispute with a Supplier or Insurer?

Whether it be a Retailer’s reluctance to exchange faulty goods, an Insurer’s reluctance to accept liability or a Tradesman’s substandard workmanship that needs rectification I have represented clients and resolved disputes for them in all of these areas.

Having an Expert in your corner can make all the difference when such conflict arises and matters are usually quickly resolved once it is realised you have a Expert onboard.

perhaps you just need reassurance

Could it be Fake or a Reject?

With so many fake designer pieces out there today, an appraisal will provide reassurance about your proposed purchase or item you may already own.

The black-market for “Factory Rejects” and furniture assembled with “Component Rejects” is also a growing worry. Sold mainly online to the unsuspecting, this substandard furniture even finds its way into High Street stores.


The First Step

Determine the nature of the fault(s)

  • Manufacturing Fault
  • Materials Fault
  • Design Fault
  • Finishing Fault
  • Assembly Fault
  • “Factory Second”
  • Made from “Reject” components
  • Mis-matching elements
  • Improper Storage
  • Transport Damage
  • Improper Use
  • Accidental Damage

Faults will either be deemed RECTIFIABLE or NON-RECTIFIABLE and appropriate recommendations can made verbally, or more formally if required.


A Further Step

Reaching a solution

Although a solution is normally reached by this stage, in the event that agreement remains elusive a PHOTOGRAPHICALLY DETAILED REPORT can be prepared to support your case in readiness for more forceful negotiation or Arbitration if needed.

  • Authoritative telephone negotiation
  • Email negotiation
  • Face to Face negotiation
  • Arbitration or Small Claims Court Representation